Best places to visit near Ahmedabad

Best places to visit near Ahmedabad

Are you also charmed by the heritage of Gujarat and looking for Places to visit near Ahmedabad – the most sought after travel destination in India? Or are you locals like us looking for the best places near Ahmedabad for weekend? With this exploration of ours, you will find both – Top 15 Tourist places near Ahmedabad! Check out now!

Your Travel Book to 15 Best Places to Visit Near Ahmedabad

1. Adalaj Stepwell

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A 15th century structure that is a unique blend of Hindu and Islamic styles. Stepwell’s intricate carvings and cool, tranquil ambiance provide a unique escape from the city. Its five-story design offers a fascinating glimpse into India’s rich history and ancient water conservation techniques, making it an ideal spot for cultural and historical enthusiasts. Among the most sought after Places to visit near Ahmedabad, unlike typical tourist spots, it offers a serene, almost mystical experience, blending history, art, and nature. In any season of the year this place has been among the best places near Ahmedabad for weekends. The place was already famous for ages, but became a world spot on higher scale, when ICC World Cup 2023, trophy came here for an official shoot

2. Statue of Unity 

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Among the top Tourist places near Ahmedabad , this architectural wonder honoring Sardar Patel, is the world’s tallest statue at 182 meters. Lesser-known is its earthquake resistance, withstanding quakes up to 6.5 on the Richter scale. The statue’s construction used 210,000 cubic meters of cement and 1,700 metric tons of bronze. Remarkably, its viewing gallery offers a panoramic view from 153 meters high. Whether you are in Ahmedabad, or are a tourist from elsewhere….do  visit the Statue of Unity on weekends for vibrant cultural events, a light and sound show, and nearby attractions like Sardar Sarovar Dam and Valley of Flowers, offering a complete experience. 

3. Thol Bird Sanctuary

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 Taking pride in over 130 plus  species of birds, including flamingos, pelicans, and herons…this scenic picturesque freshwater lake, is surrounded by lush greenery. No wonder it is among the most sought after places to visit near Ahmedabad. Early morning visits are ideal for birdwatching and photography, making Thol a must-visit for nature lovers and photographers alike.  As per February 2024, Plans for Thol Lake include establishing an observatory deck, designated bird viewing areas, and introducing recreational and water sports activities, with a development budget matching that of Nalsarovar at Rs 25 crore. Best places near Ahmedabad for weekends, it offers a very peaceful escape into nature. The best time to visit is between November and February, when migratory birds flock here, creating a spectacular sight.

4. Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

Nalsarovar Sanctuary near Ahmedabad is a peaceful place with a big lake and lots of birds. From November to February, many birds come here, like flamingos and pelicans. It’s great for watching birds and taking boat rides. If you like nature and want a quiet place, this is perfect. Visit in winter when the birds are here for the best experience. And just like the THOL Bird Sanctuary, this one is also all set for a facelift of Rs 30 Crore. Nalsarovar plans to expand beyond boating to include camping, nature trails, and theme parks. The development aims to enhance green areas, build an interpretation center, and create an amphitheater and watchtowers across its 12,000-hectare expanse.

5. Zanzari Waterfall

One rare fact about Zanzari Waterfall is its geological formation, created by the Vatrak River cascading down rugged terrain, making it a unique natural wonder in Gujarat. So whether you are looking for Weekend Getaways Near Ahmedabad, or the best places to visit near Ahmedabad, you must not skip this one, due to its natural beauty. Located near Dehgam, Gujarat, this waterfall offers a refreshing escape, especially during the monsoon season when the waterfall is at its fullest, creating a mesmerizing sight.

6. Mount Abu

Though Mount Abu is among the top and Best places near Ahmedabad for weekend, but national and international tourists throng this place all year round, due to its low temperatures even in peak summers. It is the only hill station of the desert state of Rajasthan! Yes, you heard it right. The highest peak of Mount Abu is Guru Shikhar, which stands at an elevation of 1,722 meters (5,650 feet) above sea level. It is not only the highest point in Mount Abu but also the highest peak in the Aravalli Range. The best time to visit is from November to February when the weather is pleasantly cool, ideal for exploring its scenic beauty, including Dilwara Temples, Nakki Lake, and sunset points like Honeymoon Point and Sunset Point.

7. Dumas Beach

Located approximately 265 kilometers from Ahmedabad, the Dumas Beach near Surat is known for its black sand and serene atmosphere. Visitors enjoy relaxing walks along the shore and exploring local food stalls. The beach is also famous for its paranormal myths. The best time to visit is during winter (October to February) for pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

8. Gir National Park

Gir National Park, located approximately 335 kilometers from Ahmedabad, is the exclusive abode of the majestic Asiatic lions. Beyond lions, it boasts a rich biodiversity, including leopards and marsh crocodiles. Rarely known, it houses over 350 species of birds, making it a paradise for bird watchers. The best time to visit is from December to April, offering ideal weather for safaris and maximizing wildlife sightings amidst the park’s rugged terrain and scenic beauty.

9. Dwarka

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The blend of spirituality, cultural richness, and coastal charm makes it an unforgettable Tourist place near Ahmedabad. 440 km away from Ahmedabad, the place is well known across the world as Lord Krishna’s mythical kingdom. The city’s Dwarkadhish Temple, bustling markets, and serene Gomti Ghat offer a glimpse into ancient India. Rarely known, Dwarka also features Bet Dwarka, an island associated with Krishna’s childhood exploits Best visited from October to March for pleasant weather, the pilgrimage site also showcases scenic Sunsets over the Arabian Sea. 

10. Daman and Diu 

Daman and Diu, nestled on India’s western coast, entice visitors with their pristine beaches, colonial architecture, and rich history. Must-visit places include Devka Beach, Diu Fort, and Nani Daman Fort. For bookings, plan ahead during peak seasons (November to January) as accommodations can fill up quickly. Keep in mind the region’s Portuguese influence, so exploring local cuisine and heritage sites like St. Paul’s Church is a must.

11. Akshardham Temple Gandhinagar

Among the Best places near Ahmedabad for the weekend, Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar is just 25 km away and well known for its intricately carved pillars and serene surroundings inspire awe. The best time to visit is during festivals like Diwali and Janmashtami, when the temple is adorned with lights and celebrations. Experience its cultural exhibitions, peaceful gardens, and the majestic Akshardham Mandir, making it a must-visit for spirituality seekers and architecture enthusiasts alike.

12. Modhera Sun Temple

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The ancient Sun Temple in Modhera, Gujarat, older than Konark Sun Temple, showcases India’s rich heritage and scientific prowess. Dedicated to Surya, it serves as an observatory, strategically capturing direct Sun’s Rays during Equinoxes and the Solstice. Built in 1026-27 CE by Bhima I, it features Maru-gurjara architecture with a chariot-like structure, 108 shrines, and intricate carvings depicting the Sun’s positions. Symbolic pillars in the Sabha Mandapa represent weeks, emphasizing celestial alignments. This 1000-year-old temple harmoniously blends artisanship, astronomical knowledge, and spiritual significance, encapsulating ancient India’s cultural depth and architectural brilliance. Located approximately 100 kilometers northwest of Ahmedabad, it’s a perfect weekend getaway as well as thronged by international tourists. 

13. Taranga Hill Station

Taranga Hill Station, located around 130 kilometers from Ahmedabad near Mehsana in Gujarat, offers ancient Jain temples with amazing scenic views. Rarely known, it features 12th-century temples carved from white marble. Best visited in winter (October to February) for pleasant weather, it provides a peaceful retreat amidst natural beauty and historical architecture.

14. Ambaji Temple

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Ambaji, located in the Aravalli Range near Gujarat-Rajasthan border, is a revered Hindu pilgrimage site dedicated to Goddess Amba. It houses the ancient Ambaji Temple, a major Shakti Peeth, attracting devotees especially during Navratri for vibrant festivities and the annual Bhadarvi Poonam fair at Ambaji. Not just a Weekend Getaways Near Ahmedabad, this fair draws millions of devotees, predominantly walking on foot to the temple from across Gujarat for the annual congregasion.

15. Polo Forest

In the Aravalli Range, and just 150 kilometers from Ahmedabad, we call these Tourist places near Ahmedabad as a hidden gem because where else will you find ancient temples, tranquil lakes, and dense forest trails perfect for adventurous souls and nature enthusiasts alike? Yes, the Polo Forest preserves architectural remnants from the Solanki and Vaghela dynasties (10th-15th centuries) and hosts diverse flora, fauna, and ancient sites like stepwells, temples, and rock art, providing a glimpse into Gujarat’s rich history and biodiversity in a serene natural environment. The ideal time to visit is from October to February.

Final Word

From the ancient temples of Polo Forest to the architectural marvels of Modhera Sun Temple, each destination offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Plan your escape today and uncover the hidden gems just a short distance from the city.

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